TopNewsGoldwin Play Earth Fund invests in Oros Labs, a developer of aerogel thermal insulation material

Goldwin Play Earth Fund invests in Oros Labs, a developer of aerogel thermal insulation material


Goldwin Play Earth Fund (hereafter “GW-PEF”), co-managed by Goldwin Venture Partners Inc. (hereafter “GVP”) and Ignition Point Venture Partners Inc. (hereafter “IGP-VP”), is pleased to announce that it has carried out its investment in Oros Labs (Headquarters: Portland, Oregon; CEO: Michael Markesbery; hereafter “Oros”), a developer of aerogel thermal insulation material.

Oros has developed the SOLARCORE®*1 series, which consists of thermal insulation foam, fiber, and textile products utilizing aerogel technology. The SOLARCORE® series has achieved innovative thermal insulation performance by applying aerogel not only to foam but also to fibers and textiles. Aerogel is known to be the lightest solid on earth with high thermal insulation properties and has been adopted for space suits. However, its use in the apparel industry has been limited due to its cost and strength. Oros has been licensed to utilize aerogel technology by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and has been developing its proprietary technology to expand the use of the substance in fibers and textiles.

*1 SOLARCORE® is a registered trade name of Oros.


GVP and IGP-VP decided to invest in Oros upon recognizing the potential of its aerogel technology, which can be applied to fibers and textiles, to revolutionize the concept of layering, which is widely adopted in outdoor apparel. Goldwin will also work with Oros to jointly develop new products as the next-generation thermal insulation materials.

Comment by Michael Markesbery, CEO of Oros

“We are extremely excited to partner with the Goldwin team in our next phase of growth. Their support and investment in this Series B funding round strongly reflects our ambition to reinvent the field of insulation, especially within consumer apparel and equipment."

About Oros Labs

Portland, Oregon, United States
Michael Markesbery
Established date

About Goldwin Play Earth Fund

Fund Name
Goldwin Play Earth Fund
Investment Limited Partnership
Established date
April 1, 2022
Operation period
10 years
Operation scale
3 billion yen
Operating company
Goldwin Venture Partners Inc.
Ignition Point Venture Partners Inc.

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